Human trafficking is a huge problem in Nepal. Every year 12 – 20.000 girls are trafficked and sold as sex-slaves, and the main destination is India. These girls can be as young as 5 years old when they become victims of trafficking. Corrupt police officers, poverty, lack of action from government and low risk of prosecution for the traffickers ensures that the situation is maintained. In addition, girls and women are seen as inferior to men – socially and legally.

In Kathmandu, about 50.000 girls and women work in the sex-industry. The average age of these workers is only 14. According to Nepalese law, it is forbidden to run brothels. Yet, this type of business can be found almost everywhere – but under the names of restaurants, massage centers, guesthouses, and dance bars. Girls who live in poverty are usually unskilled, lack opportunities and do not know their rights. Therefore, they are easy targets for the sex-industry, because they simply have no other option. We want to change that, and give these girls a future of freedom and dignity.