Historien vår

We started as a local initiative. When Ellen Sofie Øgaard and Jofrid Brennsæter were 19 years old in 2012, they worked as volunteers in a «safe house» for women and children at risk in Nepal for about 5 months. They were very much inspired by their boss, Indira Ghale. She spent all her time, resources and money helping other people.

After seeing how she lived her life, working with her and having long conversations with her almost every day for several months, Ellen and Jofrid asked her;

What would you do if money was no problem?”

Indira answered: “Then I would help girls out of the sex industry, give them education so they can create their own future and help them get rid of their traumas.”

They started talking about solutions and concluded that education in Nepal is affordable in Norwegian standards. Ellen and Jofrid e-mailed friends and family, asking if they would contribute with a small amount of money each month. They were happy to contribute. Indira found girls who wanted out of the sex industry and into school, and then the project was on. We started with 17 girls. The youngest was only 5 years old.

After seeing how it changed the lives of these girls, Ellen and Jofrid set up the organization She=precious in Norway to formalize the work, and Indira started Change Action Nepal (CAN), and together these organizations work closely to this day to accomplish our work.


Se bildene fra våre besøk i Nepal.